10 Years Later

In the years that we have been a part of this amazing military family, I have met countless couples whose stories of love and marriage all share one common thread: they never had a real wedding.

This life we have chosen to live is such an incredible blessing, but it isn’t always easy… the lack of a ‘real wedding’ is just one of the many small sacrifices couples make (there are, of course, much larger ones along the way as well).  In some ways I envy these couples, because when I look back at my own wedding, and the year of sometimes frenzied engagement and planning, I often shake my head at the things I thought I ‘needed.’

There is something so pure and beautiful about a wedding being more about the marriage than the production… but there is one thing that breaks my heart a little for them.

The pictures.

I didn’t print a ton of pictures from our wedding, but the ones I did – the two hanging over my bed – those mean the world to me.  Every place we move, no matter where we go, those two images hang over our heads while we sleep.  Sweet reminders of the love we share, the excitement for the adventure we had just been starting together all those years back…

I want everyone to have these kinds of pictures.

So when Ben and Ashlie asked me if I would take pictures of them all dressed for a wedding for their 10th anniversary, I was thrilled.  Because here’s the beautiful thing: you don’t have to recreate an entire ceremony and lavish reception to fill the frames above your bed.

You can buy a white dress (or pull out the one you wore to stand before the justice of the peace), meet your photographer on a beach at sunrise, and capture all the love of the day you said “I do” plus all the love that’s grown and multiplied in the years since.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It was a beautiful morning with two beautiful souls… and while they might not have had a ‘real wedding,’ they sure do have some real pictures now.

So, Happy Anniversary Ben and Ashlie!  Thank you for giving me this amazing privilege!  And if anyone reading this finds themselves in a situation similar to theirs: you know where to find me.

On a beach, at sunrise, ready and waiting to fill your frames too…



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