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  • the Making of a Military Marriage

  • Before Matt was commissioned as a chaplain in the Navy I had a lot of misconceptions about what military life was really like. Some of my misconceptions were positive, but many were not. It is no secret that when he first brought up the idea of becoming a chaplain I was entirely resistant. My main argument was how detr [...]
  • What's to come

  • I recently had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family. There is just something about this session that is sticking with me… Maybe it was the sweet way they laughed together; how they teased and encouraged each other. Maybe it was the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park - this amazing place that is practic [...]
  • Mom-tography

  • The week before Easter I looked out my living room window to see an Easter egg hunt happening on the playground. It was so sweet watching those little ones race around searching for ‘hidden’ eggs. But I had to laugh, because within a few seconds of watching them I realized I was seeing more moms chasing kids around wit [...]
  • I am a photographer.

  • I bought my first DSLR 3 years ago. My best friend from high school had become this amazing and highly sought after photographer, and I desperately wanted to learn how to capture my own children the way she managed to capture hers and coutless others… At first, it was just a desire to document our family and not to [...]