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  • The Nguyen Family

  • The Nguyen Family When clients are visiting from other parts of the country (or the world!) it is always a little nerve wrecking watching the weather. Most of the year our days are sunny and bright, with lovely sunrises and stunning sunsets. But we do have a rainy season, and this year that rainy season lasted much [...]
  • The Meidus Family

  • The Meidus Family You never know how little ones will react to a stranger holding a giant camera in their face... I've experienced a range of reactions - most positive, some unfortunate, and at least one kinda downright scary. Thankfully, this little girl was an absolute dream! When you add the bright blue waters of [...]
  • The Cavanaugh Family

  • The Cavanaugh Family This mama is stunning, inside and out, and she is adored by the four men in her life. It was so fun watching them all dote on her during their session! When she told me she wanted the Hawaiian woods as her backdrop, in lieu of the beach, I was thrilled!! Hawaii has so much to offer when you move [...]