The Creativity Gift

Today when the kids arrived home from school they dropped their backpacks and immediately ran to the playground.  They were armed with flip flops and sticks to reenact scenes from Harry Potter.  I decided to follow them out with my camera because, hello cuteness.  As I sat at my computer uploading the pictures later I was reminded of the time when my son told me that his greatest gift was his imagination. It struck me as a deep and thoughtful thing for a 9 year old boy to say (if you haven’t noticed, he tends to say lots of deep and thoughtful things).  And he does have an incredible imagination; one that has entertained him faithfully every day over the last 10 years…

What struck me most about his comment, though, was how he classified it.  It isn’t his talent, or his favorite thing, or the thing he happens to be really good at, or his passion…  He called it his gift.  And I just think its a pretty incredible thing for him to view it that way.  I found myself thinking, what if we all viewed our creative inclinations and abilities as gifts rather than talents?  How would we think, or feel, or communicate differently if we thought this way?

2015-08-26_0015I think we’d be less insecure about whether or not people liked our creative work, because gifts aren’t attached to worth.

I think we’d be more courageous in sharing the way we see things, because gifts are meant to be shared.

I think we’d be more kind and uplifting to others with similar gifts, because what need is there to compete or compare when what we have has been given?

My son’s gift is his imagination.  At this point it has led him to reenact wild scenes from his favorite movies, create expansive lego structures, write creative stories and beautiful worship songs, and daydream for hours on end in the car.  One day that same imagination might lead him to design stunning architecture, take and publish beautiful pictures, write exceptional stories, or create music that inspires the deepest parts of our souls.  I don’t care what he does, really…

But I hope and pray that he continues to see his wild, creative imagination as a gift.

One to be appreciated, shared, and passed on for the sake of others.









How Harry Potter and my son's imagination inspired me to view my creative work differently


  1. by Jim Baxter on September 29, 2015  8:47 am Reply

    Erin, those aren't 'sticks' ...they are wands!

    • by Erin on September 29, 2015  10:12 am Reply

      Lol. So true Jim!! =)

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