Introducing the VLOG

Well, I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now, and have been sitting on the idea for far longer than I should.  I am starting a video blog, and honestly am equal parts thrilled and horrified.

This is the deal, though, people: if it connects to someone, encourages anyone, and propels just one person forward then it is totally worth it.

Hope you enjoy<3

Love, Erin


  1. by Sarah Geist on November 18, 2015  1:37 pm Reply

    Erin you are so beautiful inside and out I loved seeing and hearing your voice this was so fun! I can't wait for more Vlog entries!! :)

    • by Erin on November 18, 2015  2:24 pm Reply

      Wow thank you!! <3

  2. by Marci on November 18, 2015  2:19 pm Reply

    Erin! This was great. I love that you're doing this :) I just started an art account on Instagram and am hoping to start selling prints on etsy're definitely giving me the kick I need to make it happen. Love!!

    • by Marci on November 18, 2015  2:20 pm Reply

      Oh yeah, the account is @marci.eliza 😉

    • by Erin on November 18, 2015  2:23 pm Reply

      Oh thank you!!! So happy to hear that my words are giving you a little push in the right direction. =) Can't wait to follow YOUR adventures on instagram!! <3

  3. by Kari Maines on November 18, 2015  4:08 pm Reply

    Hi friend!! You are amazing and I am so excited for your journey and look forward to sharing it all with you.

    • by Erin on November 19, 2015  8:43 am Reply

      Yay!! Love you friend!

  4. by Sue on November 18, 2015  5:06 pm Reply

    Hi friend! Okay, so seriously, no lie, I was thinking about you and this vlog THIS MORNING!! God always works that way with us doesn't he??!! LOVED it, and can't wait to hear/see/learn more.

    • by Erin on November 19, 2015  8:43 am Reply

      That is crazy!! =) And thanks for your encouragement. <3

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