Priorities and Productivity

I have a confession to make: I’m not always very productive.

Now, before you start imagining me laying on the couch all day watching soap operas and eating bonbons, let me clarify:  I’m always busy.  I’m just not always productive.

There are many different things that I need to accomplish through out the week, and sometimes I just have a hard time prioritizing the things that need to get done over the things that can get done.  It’s a problem I’ve had forever, but one that seems to have become ever more pervasive as my roles in life have multiplied and expanded…  I’m now a mom and wife, the boss lady of the home front, and the girl behind the camera at Erin Fisher Photography.

So really, I do lots of stuff.  Just not always the right stuff.

So today I decided that it was time for a change.  I woke up this morning and got to the business of putting together a daily worksheet to guide my choices (if that doesn’t get you excited about managing priorities I don’t know what will…).

I firmly believe that we have the ability to make every day fabulously productive if we have our priorities straight.  If we can separate out the things that need to get done, from the good things that can get done, from the things we probably shouldn’t be doing, then we’re off to a really good start.

I’m really excited about making this process a part of my day, and I’m prayerfully hoping that it makes a difference.  I decided to share it with you all here, knowing that many of you might be feeling the exact same way.  Tomorrow also happens to be February 1st, which is pretty much the perfect time to have a “redo of the new year.”

Lets start February off with a bang, and choose to make each day fabulous.  Not because we’re going to become supercharged versions of ourselves who work beyond what is reasonable or required, but because we’re going to focus on doing only what actually needs to get done before we set about doing anything else.

There are three questions I plan on asking myself every morning (or every night before bed.)

What do I need to do today?  What can I do today?  What should I not do today

Deep cleaning the bathroom when a client’s gallery is coming due is probably not the best choice.  Updating all of the images on my website when the pantry is empty and the kids are due home in 2 hours is probably not the wisest course.  And sometimes, spending chunks of time scrolling Facebook, reading blog posts, and stalking fabulous photographers just doesn’t need to happen at all.

This worksheet is meant to be a guide to get us thinking, and set our hearts and minds in the right direction from the start.  I also included two little boxes that I think can make a huge impact on the quality of our days, and ultimately our lives…

One is a box that simply says “Choosing joy.”  This is where I want to write down the reasons why I can approach the day with a joyful heart.  Maybe it’s something I’m thankful for, something I’m looking forward to, or something sweet that happened days before…  Whatever it is, it puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step

The other is a box that says R A K, which stands for Random Act of Kindness.  I think most of us intend to bless others every day – whether in big ways or small – but we get distracted with the craziness of life and our good intentions fall short of any actual follow through.

Well, now we have a place to make an actual plan.  What can we do each day to bring a smile to someone else?  It can be something as small as shooting off an encouraging text to someone who is down, to something as big as taking a new friend out to lunch.  If every day is always only about us and our own needs, our perspectives are going to be a little off.

I hope this little worksheet encourages your hearts and helps set your days in the right direction!!  As dorky as it probably sounds, I’m kind of exited to wake up in the morning, make a sweet cup of coffee, and think through the choices I can make to make tomorrow fabulous.

Simply click the link below to download the PDF and print off your own copy!

lots of love,


Printable Daily Planning Sheet


  1. by Emily on February 3, 2016  8:06 am Reply

    Absolutely love the PDF! Having the ability to compartmentalize life into these categories allows me to think more clearly and realistically about by daily tasks at hand.

  2. by Kelsey on February 3, 2016  8:25 am Reply

    Oh, I just love this! I really like that you have included places for both why I should choose joy, and a random act of kindness. These two things, in addition to an actually productive schedule, will really make the days seem worthwhile. I have tired of the long to-do lists and hectic feelings while looking at them- these two small but meaningful sections will help!

  3. by Ewa on February 3, 2016  9:12 am Reply

    This is great! I can definitely use your PDF!!! :) thank you for sharing!

  4. by Jen Araya on February 3, 2016  10:17 am Reply

    Awesome worksheet! Thanks for all of the tips!

  5. by Alise on February 3, 2016  11:40 am Reply

    Awesome! Such a great tool to help approach your day with positivity and be productive while maintaining a joyful spirit!

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