A Higher Calling

If you know me personally, or if you have ever read some of my more personal blogs, then you know that photography isn’t my main thing. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love it! – but it isn’t the most important thing in my world.

That place is reserved for something (or someone) much higher.

His name is Jesus.

My faith is the center of my world and the core of who I am. I believe that my greatest mission and highest calling in this life is to be a light that shines the grace, hope, love and truth of Christ to the world around me. The whole reason I started the “Wholehearted” newsletter was to spread encouragement and love. The last few months have forced that newsletter onto the back burner, but that mission is still a strong passion in my heart, and there are still newsletters waiting to be written and sent!

Knowing this about me, it will come as no surprise that I was beyond thrilled when an image I created went viral a few weeks ago. I wasn’t excited because a piece of art I created was being seen by million of people, though that was pretty cool…

I was excited because an image that I had a part in making was standing for something beautiful.


A client posted it in a tweet responding to some misguided souls who were berating Old Navy’s recent ad featuring an interracial family. He posted the family picture I had taken and thanked Old Navy for supporting the love of families just like his.

That short tweet began a hailstorm of tweets celebrating families of all colors, mixed beautifully together. It was fabulous.

DSC_4112 copyheadswap copy copy

And it has me thinking that now is as good a time as any to make something abundantly clear.

You and I may disagree on many issues. We may find ourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to politics, faith, or personal conviction. This is nothing new, and it shouldn’t surprise us. People have been disagreeing on things from the beginning of time.

It just seems like lately we’ve forgotten how to handle ourselves when faced with an opposing viewpoint. So here’s the commitment that I am making to you. Know that I am a flawed and imperfect person who will fail at this daily, but also know that this is truly the deepest desire of my heart, and living this out will be what I work towards each and every day that I’m given here.

Whether we agree on any given issue or not:

I will treat you with kindness and respect.

I will share the reason for my hope and joy only with the desire for you to experience hope and joy too.

I will refrain from belittling your position on any given topic over which we may disagree.

I will offer my own personal opinion on controversial and sensitive issues only when a real conversation is taking place, in person, and in love.

I will love you.

And I will always take your picture.

If you missed the articles that circulated about the Old Navy controversy, here’s the image of that beautiful family that stood for love. Below are links to just a few of the articles that shared the story behind the controversy.

Thanks for reading, my friends!

much love,


DSC_4112 copyheadswap copy

Check out the articles:



Huffington Post




  1. by Laura on May 18, 2016  2:54 pm Reply

    Yes! What a beautiful image of a beautiful family.

    • by Erin on May 25, 2016  7:21 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! =)

  2. by Jackie Santana on May 18, 2016  3:33 pm Reply

    This family is adorable and wonderful! I love that it got featured so many times! Congratulations on this photo and congratulations to this family for being one heckuva beautiful family!

    • by Erin on May 25, 2016  7:21 pm Reply

      Thank you!! <3

  3. by sarah on May 18, 2016  4:01 pm Reply

    What a great way to share your heart with so many! Stand firm in your faith and keep sharing God's love. I'm sure so many have already been blessed by your confident testimony and will continue to be in the future. <3

  4. by Alysha on May 25, 2016  6:47 pm Reply

    I love the "whether we agree on any given issue or not" part! Yes yes yes!

    • by Erin on May 25, 2016  7:21 pm Reply

      Thank you so much!! I just checked out your website and am absolutely swooning over one of your couple pics... the one on the mountaintop at sunset, when they're kissing... holy mac, stunning!! <3

  5. by Christina on May 25, 2016  7:06 pm Reply

    Such a beautiful images! I love how warm and inviting the tones are!

    • by Erin on May 25, 2016  7:21 pm Reply

      Thank you so much!! <3 Missing the fall colors here in Hawaii, that's for sure!

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