Rose Colored Lenses

Several months back I started something called the “Wholehearted Newsletter.” It was a heartfelt attempt to utilize a consistent and easily accessible medium for spreading encouragement and love. I had the best of intentions, you know…

I think it went out a solid 3 times. Maybe 4.

In other words, it was a wild success, wink wink…

But the reality is this: I just don’t have that many inspirational and encouraging things to say on a consistent basis. Sometimes I’m just making it through the day, and sitting in front of my camera and telling you all how amazing you are, and how amazing life is, and how fabulous tomorrow will be, is just. not. happening. (This is not because you are ever any less amazing, by the way…)

So it died a silent, slow death. DSC_7069

But I’m still glad I did it, because in that process I continued to figure out what lights that fire in my belly, and why I’m doing this photography thing at all. It isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s about being a light and sharing the love. I’ve said this before – and I’ll say it again, and again, and again.

I want to provide some rose colored lenses through which we can see the world. Not the kind that sweep our hard days and difficult times under the rug and ignore them… but the kind that magnify the true beauty all around us even in the midst of those ugly things.

That is the heart of it all, and it’s what makes my job so stinking fun. It also happens to be the reason why silly things like pricing are so hard for me. I’d honestly love to just do it all for free, but apparently that is not a wise business choice. Seriously… Photography is an expensive sport, my friends, but my mission is to make sure that my prices are reasonable and manageable for everyone.

Because if it’s about spreading light and love, it has to be spreading it everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

This is also the heart behind a huge new adventure starting in August. I am going back into the public school classroom for the first time in a decade and teaching 3rd-6th grade music classes. If you think I love photography, you should spend 5 minutes asking me about music. There’s where it’s really at, my friends.DSC_7511

So I have this amazing opportunity to spend three days a week spreading light and love in an entirely different context; teaching children the joy, peace and beauty found within some notes on a staff.

It all fits, doesn’t it? And while I know this new adventure is going to mean less time for photography, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It isn’t an either or situation, it’s a both and. Photography and music. Light and love. Encouragement and hope.

And I want to encourage you to continue seeking after the things that light your fire. Its ok if you try something and it fails… my newsletter wasn’t quite the treasure at the end of the rainbow I was expecting, but it sure did get me a little further down the path!

Be brave, step out, and follow your heart. Find ways to bring rose colored glasses to the people around you, that they might see the beauty in this world despite the heartache, and tragedy, and evil.

Oh, and by the way… I was a sweaty, shaky mess when I sat waiting for my first real interview in 13 years, so don’t expect the stepping out to be easy. But know that you aren’t alone in it, either. We can be sweaty, shaky messes together while we bravely step out to light up this world.

Together. Everywhere. For everyone. DSC_7324

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