The Nguyen Family

When clients are visiting from other parts of the country (or the world!) it is always a little nerve wrecking watching the weather. Most of the year our days are sunny and bright, with lovely sunrises and stunning sunsets. But we do have a rainy season, and this year that rainy season lasted much longer than usual.

Thankfully this sweet family lucked out, and the rain held off and the skies cleared out for a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset. Add to the beautiful setting these adorable kids, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for fantastic family portraits.

I know that family pictures on vacation are not in everyone’s budget, or on their wish list, but if it’s something you have considered, I would encourage you to go for it. Family pictures will never look like this in Colorado, or Chicago, or Louisiana… and while each of those places have their own unique beauty, it’s just not quite like this.

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