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  • A Thousand Words

  • There is a saying (one we've all heard) that a picture is worth a thousand words.  As a photographer, I believe that firmly.  A thousand words, and so much more... Last week I snapped a picture of my kids with my iPhone, and that image is now the anthem of this season.  As it often goes, it isn't really just the ima [...]
  • The Awkward In Between

  • The Awkward Inbetween It has officially been 10 days since we left Twentynine Palms, California, and 9 days since we landed in Honolulu.  In some ways, it feels like so much longer already.  I'm thrilled to say that we are picking up keys to our rental home this afternoon and moving in tomorrow.  I'm ready to start [...]
  • When Rejection Stings

  • A few weeks ago I submitted to an online organization to be considered for their "pro" status.  I did it on a complete whim of courage, confidence and crazy.  I've been waiting super patiently (definitely not) to hear back, and this morning I finally got the email. "Dear Erin, Unfortunately we are declining your sub [...]
  • The Post I Couldn't Write

  • Although this blog is new, blogging in general isn't a new thing for me.  I started writing and posting 7 years ago when my husband and I were in our little church in Northern Wisconsin.  Writing was (and is) an incredibly therapeutic thing for me...  There's just something relieving about getting all of my thoughts ou [...]